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Lookin for COPS/CONS Movie based out of Tumwater, WA

Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2006 12:11 pm
by copsandcons
My old friends called me and said this kid that used to be my rival in high school is in this freak/sex/horror movie. he's still living in tumwater/olympia, washington...apparently he's been tricked by this prostitute and his whole life is on film...figured it'd be playin in downtown olympia or perhaps on the internet? he tried explaining it to me but was way to drunk and too excited talkin about the kid cry about this girl he loves while shes having sex in her apartment was weird, but i'm VERY interested, hah, he tried to explain this whole cops and cons, doctor, he's a cat and dorkfish thing...I'm not up on my tweaker talk, i do know its not snowing here, haha, but i didn't get it...can someone explain this to me and if you know about the video i'm talking about (he paid to watch it) can you give the link, its some white girl, a prostitute, living in her apartment in tumwater, washington...

thanks...(really interested in the cops and con stuff)

he says its a "secret" language (i know how to talk some of the talk) etc, and theres secret writing you have to look out the corner of your eye to see...the kid had (hairspray?!) tatooded to his face and whole body and it showed them having a lot of sex (mainly her, hahah)...if this can't be talked about here cuz it is some kinda giant secret e-mail me at are # 0's, not letting O's...hah)


this is kinda my revenge on him, at least if i get to see this damn thing...hahahaha, hopefully its on the internet and i can pay to watch it that way, since i gots no license or car and can't drive myself from way out here in deep rochester to downtown olympia...