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$6.00 clearance DVD's at DDD

Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2006 1:20 pm
by MrFulci
For folks not familiar, Sony is discontinuing about 200 of their DVD's. A lot of this stuff used to retail for around $20.00.

Some horror stuff there, and at $6.00 it's a bit affordable to make some "Blind Buys".

A few horror films I ordered:
- Experiment in Terror
- See No Evil (Decent film, though no real explanation at the end. Directed by Richard Fleischer, who just died a week ago)
- Brotherhood of Satan
- Die, Die my Darling

Other stuff is there, such as Mr. Sardonicus. Definately worth a look considering the price.

*Edit - Forgot link, ... Studioid=3