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Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2006 12:44 pm
by chaos n' f/x
Back arond 79- 80 I saw a flick "not horror" but it did have a lot of the red stuff.
i think it may have Tiger in the title TIGER -SOMETHING?'. But I can't confirm that now today..Anyway here are the scenes that I remenber from this bad puppy..
Some guy is just about to get some tail, "female nudtiy here and 'asian I believe. Is then grabbed by some soldiars then a small cage of flesh hungry rats is layed on top of his genital region !! I remenber the blood that flowed looked purple in color.. Some other poor soul gets a smoking tobacco pipe jammed through his ears! And it was like 1 ft. long !
The last scene that I got to catch has another poor smuck hung upside down inside a cage of rattle snakes that strike him repeatally!
Anyone remenber seeing this one? I think it may have been Hong Kong produced.:confused: