The Book of Voorhees (workprint)

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The Book of Voorhees (workprint)

Post by Broken_Glass_Lotion » Sun Nov 26, 2006 7:43 pm

I guess someone is trying to write up another chapter of Jason Voorhees. I took an objective viewpoint to this and it seems like they gave Jason a hint of a personality. He growls now too. Cheesy outfit he has but, same Jason killing style i.e. knife through the eye socket, hatchet head, and the ruthless machete to the guts of course. This is a workprint so there is no background music/noise and just might be boring to the average viewer. I personally was watching to see how the scenes were shot and the details that were not overlooked as far as scenery. Then I can put together how it might come out when its done.

Enjoy if you haven't seen it already.

Part 1 (08:34)

Part 2 (09:58)

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