Please vote for me at the Rondos

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Latte Thunder
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Please vote for me at the Rondos

Post by Latte Thunder » Mon Feb 16, 2009 6:57 am

Cinema Suicide was nominated for best horror blog in this year's Rondo Hatton Classic Horror awards and I'll tell you what, I'd really appreciate it if you dropped by their site and cast your vote in my favor. I have some stiff competition to beat, like Tim Lucas and his Video Watchblog (which won in 2006) but I think I can pull it off if I can get enough people involved on my behalf.

All you have to do is send an email and specify Cinema Suicide for best horror blog. But I urge you to actually go by the site and cast your vote for as much of the ballot as possible because there are a lot of people on there who put their all into what they do and would appreciate a little recognition.

Also, Remo is up for Favorite Horror Host, so help him out, too.

I would REALLY appreciate your support.
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Remo D
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Post by Remo D » Mon Feb 16, 2009 2:20 pm

Thank you, Latte...

Yes, indeed, Cinema Suicide is up for "best blog" and they've done a hell of a job to earn it!

As for "Favorite Horror Host," yes, I'm on the list--but just like I said last year, I only want to see the art of hosting itself represented--any award I may (or may not) win this or any other year in that category will simply be inscribed "H.H.U." (for Horror Host Underground) for the same reason that I share my timeslot with ALL willing hosts.

I'm already represented by both SCREEM and VIDEO WATCHDOG in the "magazine" category... oh, but there IS that new write-in category for "Best DVD Reviewer" if you're so inclined?

All best,
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