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Post by Remo D » Sun Jul 11, 2010 7:51 am

No, I didn't go to Canada just to sample the theatres... we had plenty of great adventures last week, including viewing grizzlies in the wild and scaling Tunnel Mountain... I'll be sharing more of that on Facebook as I gather the family pictures. But one evening we had dinner at a nice restaurant that also happened to sell discount movie tickets, and something was playing next door that I knew that the whole family wanted to see, so we made a night of it! The theatre itself was a typical multiplex and might as well have been American... EXCEPT that we only got two tiny commercials (including one with a miniature animated luchador hawking phone products and scarfing peanut M&Ms from between couch cushions) and two trailers, meaning that the MOVIE actually started pretty much when it was SUPPOSED to (imagine THAT)!

None of the TWILIGHT books are especially "great" in my view, but ECLIPSE (the third out of four) was probably the best of the batch--fairly zippy and reasonably entertaining. The movie version, par for the course, is quite faithful to the book, and by now, nobody reading this really needs a recap of the storyline... everyone's having fun playing "Team Edward" vs. "Team Jacob" even though everyone who actually cares already knows how it all turns out.

And I'll say this much--the movie series has been perfectly cast. Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner have really grown into their characters, and the rivalry/grudging respect dynamic is especially well-played here. Bryce Dallas Howard is fine as the villainous Victoria, and Xavier Samuel is a particularly good addition as Riley (Victoria's unwitting dupe), enthusiastically raising an army of "newborn" vampires in an effort to take Bella (Kristen Stewart, of course) out once and for all.

I'll also point out that some genuinely disturbing subject matter is handled with restraint and taste with a young audience in mind... Rose's "origin" flashback is a standout in that regard.

The werewolf vs. vampire action is well-choreographed (I quite enjoyed the spectacle of vampires breaking apart like marble statues)--there just isn't ENOUGH of it. And therein lies my only real problem with the film... frankly, I expected more from the director of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. Of all the TWILIGHT stories, this was the last one I expected to suffer from dull patches and overlength. Yet that's just how it happened--and now we've only got the truly awful BREAKING DAWN to look forward to (I don't do the "It's TWILIGHT, therefore it's bad" thing, but believe me in this case...).

ECLIPSE remains a decent film with several exceptional moments, but it really could and should have been a crackerjack... at least as a MOVIE.
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