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Remo D
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Post by Remo D » Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:51 pm

Sorry, friends--I have had so little time for serious reviewing over the last few weeks (marathoning the THRILLER set for SCREEM, getting a fourteenth MANOR season ready... and, of course, all things REPO!, though I have been catching the odd movie here and there.

INCEPTION is the one everyone knows about and scarcely requires a review from the likes of me... but I will add my voice and say that it is unquestionably the best film I've seen this year. I was constantly amazed by not only the visuals but by Christopher Nolan's amazing ability to juggle several separate realities/timelines and still have the whole thing make sense. Yes, I know some people have complained that the movie was "confusing," but it's all there if you're willing to pay attention... and in this day and age, I'm happy to see that most people ARE. It's always a treat to see Michael Caine... I found none of the reality-bending effects or action sequences at all gratuitous... and I was rewarded at the very end with one of the most truly diabolical closing shots to which I have ever been treated. Oh, and I've got to tell you that this reminded me again just why I thought so little of AVATAR and SHUTTER ISLAND. INCEPTION, like AVATAR, is a feast for the senses, but it offers so much more than "hey, look at that!" Rather it proves that a complex, compelling story CAN be told under such circumstances. Oh, and SHUTTER ISLAND? Sure, the presence of Leonardo DiCaprio reminded me of that previous outing, but there was more to it than that... there were mysteries that were slowly released, adding depth to the plot and characters--but NOT for the sake of a "surprise" ending that the movie essentially gave up in the first five minutes!

SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD goes down in a tie with SPLICE as the most criminally underappreciated film of the year. The toast of Comic-Con was brutally shot down when "the guys" went to THE EXPENDABLES and "the ladies" went to EAT, PRAY, LOVE... so the majority missed out on a truly, brilliantly FUNNY film which was also constantly, vividly ALIVE. No story recap needed--you saw the trailer, at least--it's the one where the young hero (Michael Cera) must go through the seven "Evil Exes" to win the girl of his (literal) dreams. Along with Edgar Wright's video game stylings, we get a Bollywood musical number, a genuinely hilarious turn from Brandon Routh (the failed Superman himself--watch out for the Vegan Police!), musical demons summoned KUNG-FU HUSTLE style, a character named Knives, and so much more. This is a treat of the highest order and you really ought to catch it before it leaves the big screen (and that won't take long)!

As for PIRANHA 3-D? I won't say that it didn't deliver what it promised... you get endless and frequently innovative gore galore hanging on a godawful script... sure, there's your New World summer fix right there--but the film has other liabilities, including some shockingly sloppy continuity (most notably after a devastating "parasail" incident that the witnesses seem to completely forget as soon as it happens). The 3-D is another "conversion" deal, but they DID go back and put some original 3-D effects in for some decent payoff, at least. Supposedly, there are over 300 specific JAWS tributes to be found (starting with the opening scene featuring Richard Dreyfuss, naturally), but I've got to tell you... it's Christopher Lloyd who really knows what movie he's in! What you really WANT from this film, you're likely to get--enough said.

Detailed reviews return when I'm done with REPO!
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Darth Tanner
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Post by Darth Tanner » Sat Sep 04, 2010 4:53 pm

I was one of those "guys" who went to see THE EXPENDABLES instead of SCOTT PILGRIM, but judging from the previews it might be worth checking out as a rental for me. There are just too many other films coming out I want to see that I can't possibly see everything on the big screen. INCEPTION and THE EXPENDABLES were definitely time and money well spent. However, I won't hesitate to check out SCOTT PILGRIM on the big screen if the opportunity presents itself.

As for PIRANHA 3-D, I wasn't expecting much but was pleasantly surprised. It is certainly a fun movie that doesn't take itself seriously. The last time I had this much fun at a movie was during CRANK 2. There is definitely a ton of gore and nudity to satisfy anyone's sleaze craving (the gratuitous "underwater ballet" being a standout example). But I was really amazed at the cast on display. Jerry O' Connell really chewed up the scenery and was a hoot to watch. Plus I was surprised that Elisabeth Shue and Christopher Lloyd managed to find themselves in this movie. Ditto for Ving Rhames who pretty much plays the same character he did in the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake. The makeup effects were also pretty decent (watch out for that "cable" scene). Also some great use of the Arizona lake locations. My only complaint was the CGI pirahnnas looks pretty fake, but at least you don't see them very much. Also the 3-D wasn't as impressive as I hoped it would be. But I still enjoyed it overall despite never seeing the original.

Looks like my next theatrical viewing will be MACHETE, which I'll hopefully catch up to later in the week.

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