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ZOMBIE coming to Blu-Ray!

Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 3:31 pm
by Darth Tanner
Saw this on the Digital Bits website and just about shit myself:

"Our friends at Blue Underground have set Lucio Fulci's Zombie for release on Blu-ray and DVD as a 2-Disc Ultimate Edition on 10/25 (SRP $39.98 and $29.98). Disc One will include audio commentary with star Ian McCulloch and Diabolik magazine Editor Jason J. Slater, theatrical trailers, TV and radio spots and a poster and still gallery. Disc Two will feature 7 retrospective interview featurettes (including Zombie Wasteland, Flesh Eaters on Film, Deadtime Stories, World of the Dead, Zombi Italiano, Notes on a Headstone and All in the Family). We also understand that Blue Underground has shot a new introduction to the film and interview with Zombie fan and filmmaker Guillermo del Toro that will be included on the set. Very cool news! "

Awesome!!! ZOMBIE is my third favorite Fulci film (behind THE BEYOND and CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD) and I have anxiously been waiting for it to get an HD release. I really loved the awesome job that BU did on COTLD and I can't wait to see how this one turns out. Not too sure at this point if all of the extras (aside from the commentary) will be ported from the 2-disc set Shriek Show put out years ago so I might still hang on to that. I had no idea that Guillermo del Toro was a fan of the film so it will be interesting to hear his thoughts on it. I'm now hoping that THE BEYOND will eventually get a Blu-Ray release as well, but Grindhouse seems to be slow to get their catalog released in HD:(