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Dream House

Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2011 4:24 pm
by Remo D
Well, here it's October and we've got the first horror film of the Halloween season. And I don't even want to review it.

I was first prepared to tell you that DREAM HOUSE was completely sabotaged by its own spoiler-ridden trailer. And this much is true: if you've seen the trailer, you know just about everything (including what was, I'm sure, originally supposed to be a surprise). But the movie itself doesn't waste any time in tipping its hat, either. I was just as annoyed at another movie from a high-profile director with an A-list cast LAST year, but I don't feel like typing endless SPOILER alerts for those of you who managed to miss the trailer.

Look. We start with Daniel Craig quitting his editing job and accepting a book contract in order to spend more time with his family (Rachel Weisz and two young daughters). The house they've just moved into turns out to be a "murder house." Naomi Watts is a sympathetic neighbor who can't quite say what she wants to say.

At about the hour mark, we're all told what we already knew whether or not we saw the trailer. So at least that's not the ending of the film. Where to go from there? Well, that's not hard to figure out either, because of the presence of other certain characters that the movie wouldn't otherwise bother spending so much time with. There's one potentially great sequence where the film threatens to jump into Guillermo del Toro territory (I'm thinking of THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE)... but no.

Look. Good director. Good cast. Some jumps. Handsomely produced. And utterly disposable. There's your DREAM HOUSE.