Jurassic World

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Jurassic World

Post by Remo D » Mon Jun 29, 2015 8:24 pm

There will be NO accolades or awards for screenwriting in this case, but JURASSIC WORLD is a monster movie that delivers, plain and simple.

Officially, 2 and 3 never happened, but there's no contradictory information to get in the way if you want to count them anyway. In any event, after the disastrous happenings at the original Jurassic Park, the theme attraction has been revamped and is now accepting tourists from all over the world--but they've been doing it for so long that even the T-Rex is considered "old hat" by the public at large. So... they design a bigger, scarier dinosaur. And surprise surprise... it gets loose.

That's your plot. But of course they've got to weigh it down with a lot of human drama, including a rehash of the soap opera plot in which the two young brothers are dealing with the imminent divorce of their parents and the inattentiveness of their aunt (Bryce Dallas Howard) who has way too much to deal with at the park rather than watch her charges like she was supposed to.

Okay, she was given a thankless character, but Howard is still good in the role, as is Chris Pratt as the studly raptor trainer who warns anyone who will listen (meaning practically nobody) that these wild animals are NOT going to be tamed and made to behave the way the military or anyone else WANTS them to behave. They've got good chemistry and they're very easy to watch when they're forced to team up in a crisis. Actually, the cast is quite good whether or not their roles warrant it--Vincent D'Onofrio especially stands out as the gung-ho war hawk who can't WAIT to sic the raptors on the enemy.

Then again, I found myself hoping that the Indominasaurus (yeah, that's her name and she's an impressive effects creation) would simply EAT the brothers after they obligingly wander out of bounds in a gyro vehicle. But of course that doesn't happen, and truth be told, I felt sorrier for the innocent dinos ravaged by Indomina than I would have for any of the human characters. Okay, I would have been sorry to see Pratt go, but come on, you know THAT can't happen, either.

So despite my low tolerance for corn syrup, why did I like this as much as I did? See above. They serve up a good old-fashioned MONSTER movie with plenty of highlights. The initial decimation of the squad sent to retrieve Indomina may be right out of ALIENS, but it still works. The film may suffer from multiple climaxes, but it's hard to complain when you get an extended sequence as good as the pterodactyl attack on the unsuspecting tourist crowd... and I'll wrap up simply by telling you that the final dino battle was SO satisfying that I immediately forgave EVERYTHING that transpired earlier.

Go have fun.

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