Necrophile Passion

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Necrophile Passion

Post by zombiebreath666 » Wed Oct 14, 2015 5:37 pm ... -large.jpg

Necrophile Passion 2013 Director: Tom Heidenberg starring Günther Brandl released by Black Lava Entertainment/Unearthed Films

Necrophile Passion

Great title, idea, sick and twisted original cover art (almost reminded me of an old Cannibal Corpse or goregrind bands cover art) from Austrian director Tom Heidenberg. This opus in Necrophilia and torment of the human psyched is a depressing assault to the senses. Clocking in at around the 52 minute mark it actually goes on for too long without building up to much in the end. In an interview director Heidenberg to being influenced by Nekromantik so for one to say he's unoriginal is a bit harsh, the man liked the movie and felt he had his own point to make in the genre. Necrophile Passion and Nekromantik are different entities of film except for the Necrophilia of course. The production and musical score are above average, it is filmed well, I especially liked the black and white intro where the blood on the female corpse is the only original color.
Necrophile Passion has a lot of great things going for it , the slow moving pace just kills it at times. The movies plot is indeed twisted and sinister and a great setup. One day our lead actor played by Gunther Brandl (who remains an unnamed character as all the characters in the movie do) is out for a walk in the woods and he discovers a freshly blood covered corpse of a beautiful woman, his first reaction is to call for help on his cellphone. That idea quickly dissipates and instead something inside him snaps and he ends up dragging the dead naked girl to his car and into his apartment. He violates the corpse by turning her over on her stomach and taking it from behind in a soft core porn style manner. Great intro for sure, the movie is broken down into different chapters, another idea I liked.

Much of Necrophile Passion rests on the shoulders of actor Gunther Brandl who director Heidenberg is grateful for as he mentions in an interview. Necrophile Passion was a work in progress since the early 2000's and he faced numerous challenges with actors bailing on him or not giving him the serious performances he wanted. The movie is indeed a one man in a room movie for most of the duration with a lot of flashbacks spliced in. Its not fast paced, its meant to be a slow deteriorating look into the abyss of the psyche of a broken and mentally distraught man. Brandl's character sits and contemplates how his mother verbally and emotionally abused him, some of these scenes are not quite as effective as one would hope. We also get numerous segway's into different females having soft core sex with corpses, shocking for sure as they are smearing the blood and riding the corpses furiously but it does get a bit tiresome and the shock value is not quite there.

Brandl does a great job as the depressive laden lead character whose personal relationship with his girlfriend has all but failed. He sits on his couch, cracks open a beer and tries to figure out how it all went wrong. Things were good between them in the beginning but she drifts away from him and the routine becomes too painful and predictable for her. Brandl's character, obviously an already mentally disturbed individual turns to lifeless corpses to ease his pain because he can no longer relate to the living. He cuts himself in grotesque close up fashion to feel the emotion of pain which lets him know he is still alive. Necrophile Passion features a small cast and minimal dialogue, its atmospheric and torturous, I have definitely not laid my eyes on a film with such a depressing feel to it such as this in a long time. The ending has a painful blast of irony, the violence is not terribly graphic, more of what it implies, especially the act of engaging in the taboo sexual act with a corpse.

I would love to see what Heidenberg's twisted mind comes up with if he makes another movie, he seems to be a director who believes in doing what he wants to do with his movies without bowing down or compromising and this is what independent filmmaking is all about. He admits to being fascinated with extreme music and art earlier in life and is not one who likes to be featured in the spotlight. If your into the Necrophilia genre of films such as Nekromantik and Aftermath etc, Necrophile Passion will wet your appetite and please be in a good frame of mind, don't watch it if your girlfriend left you and you just lost your job!

Rating: 3 out of 5

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