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The In-Laws remake

Posted: Fri May 23, 2003 4:16 pm
by Remo D
If you haven't seen the original Peter Falk/Alan Arkin classic from 1979--and you want some laughs--go out and do something about it now... it will always be one of my favorites.

So now, here comes a nominal remake... yes, I just have to look. Hey--nothing against Michael Douglas, Albert Brooks, etc.--in fact, I like them just fine. And whaddya know--they do a good job here, and at least they don't try to carbon copy Falk and Arkin.

The new IN-LAWS is at its best when it tries to find its own way, there certainly are some funny scenes, and David Suchet is a riot as the crimelord who has an unhealthy interest in Brooks' "fat cobra." The original is much more consistently wacky and funny, though--so what's the difference?

Well, the difference is simple--in addition to being there FIRST, 1979's IN-LAWS never committed the crime that threatens to torpedo this new take... that is, it never got SERIOUS. Yep--beware! There's domestic drama and legitimate "fatherhood" issues to be dealt with in the remake--big mistake, in my view, as "screwball" has been quite handily proven to be the way to go here!

Hey--you like the cast? Go check it out--you'll have some fun. Undecided? Get a hold of the original and prepare to laugh your asses off. "Serpentine! Serpentine!"