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Swimming Pool

Posted: Sat Aug 09, 2003 5:44 pm
by Remo D
So... is this a drama about reawakened sexuality? A study of creativity? A thriller?

Well, if your tastes run towards the admiration of plentiful full-frontal nudity from both a pretty young French bombshell (Ludvine Sagnier) and a very classily mature woman (Charlotte Rampling), you're not likely to care WHAT it is. (Oh, there's some very brief male full-monty, too.)

Mystery author Rampling is sent by her publisher (Charles Dance) to relax at his French villa and seek inspiration for her new book--what she's NOT expecting is for the publisher's promiscuous daughter to show up, take frequent nude swims, smoke, drink and boff a different guy every night

Short version: it's the transformation from prissy, uptight, moralistic Rampling to... oh-ho! And then something nasty happens...

Okay, everybody--all together now... "OR DOES IT???!!!"

Yep--one of those. It's beautifully done and I certainly wouldn't resist watching again (pauses to wipe forehead with an audible "whew")--but unlike "Identity," this never threatens to cross the line into horror, and I think its creators would resent it being referred to as any sort of "mindfuck." No--it's an extremely personal exploration of one's... oh, hell, see for yourself.