Sum of all Fears/The Bourne Identity

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Sum of all Fears/The Bourne Identity

Post by Chris Slack » Sun Jun 23, 2002 3:24 am

Made my first trip the the drive-in (the only one in the area, first run movies only) and caught both of these tonight. I thought both were pretty entertaining movies but couldn't quite buy Matt Damon as a badass in "The Bourne Identity". Seems as though they can make anyone look like a good fighter via quick edits these days :) Fortunately there weren't that many fight scenes. Very well paced and fun to watch.

"Sum of all Fears" was pretty damn good too, especially if you're into the Clancy stuff. Ben Affleck did well as a young Jack Ryan, I could easily see his character maturing into the Harrison Ford version of the past movies.

Admission was 7 bucks, not too bad for a double-feature of new releases!
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