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Posted: Tue Sep 14, 2004 5:07 pm
by Remo D
Oh, hell, yeah. Even if it's only "story by," we're back in Larry Cohen land.

Briefly, it's the reverse of PHONE BOOTH. There, someone picks up a phone and will be killed if he hangs up. Here, someone answers a call... and the CALLER might be killed if he doesn't do something. (Oh, and we're still not done--Cohen has scripted the third of his "phone trilogy," called MESSAGES DELETED.)

It's completely outlandish, but it's completely accounted for... that is, every "Why doesn't he just--" is answered with a "BECAUSE!" Not that you could swallow this chain of events in real life or anything, but it just starts with a WHAM in the opening minutes, never lets up, and is entertaining as hell throughout.

No need for further explanations--just go have fun.