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Shark Sky: When to Love the Captain's Tale? Tomorrow!

Posted: Sat Oct 23, 2004 7:56 pm
by Remo D
Oh, hell, I've not been keeping up with my postings... don't know how much they'll mean now, but just for the record.

Took the family to the drive-in to see SHARK TALE. And the critical consensus is pretty much on the money this time--it's... cute. Lots of celebrity voices, goofy sight gags and entire sequences based on films that the youngsters most likely wouldn't be familiar with. We're nowhere near the genuine, consistent quality of FINDING NEMO--it looks nice, but it's as cookie-cutter as they come.

The second feature was SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW, and I'm the only one who stayed awake for that one. Glad I did, actually--there was something about the ad campaign that put me off, and I'm betting that the sepia look and the old-fashioned approach quite simply built a wall between this film and its prospective audience. But those robots marching on the city were super-impressive, and the "back-seat-driver" chase sequence was a riot. Had no idea there were dinosaurs and other such creatures on an island straight out of KING KONG--hell, even the same LOG was there (even if the King himself wasn't). It really turned out to be very enjoyable--although the four-star Ebert review was something of an exaggeration. The sense of amazement when faced with your first Indiana Jones film? Ah.... no. And there ARE some slow patches. But it's still a worthy effort and it certainly made SHARK TALE worth sitting through.

Oh, yeah... WHEN WILL I BE LOVED showed up at the arthouse for a single week. Another four-star Ebert recommendation--but I have a feeling that those who turned out for this did so because of the long-promised, long-delayed Neve Campbell nudity. Yeah--it's there at the beginning and end. As for her lesbian scene? Hope you like looking at curtains.

It's not immediately clear how the characters are going to relate to each other--but basically, a con artist looking for high connections in the entertainment industry tries to set up an INDECENT PROPOSAL deal between Campbell and Uncle Junior from THE SOPRANOS. But who's playing who? Even after the "twist" ending, I wasn't sure that I cared, but at least the characters were an interesting bunch (director James Toback as a hopelessly pretentious professor of African studies, Mike Tyson insisting that he isn't Mike Tyson, etc. etc.), and the movie's too short to complain about.

But again--the full four stars, Roger? It's decent (or indecent), but it simply isn't THAT great!

Can't wait to see what they throw at us next.