Crimen Ferpecto

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Crimen Ferpecto

Post by DylanDog » Wed Mar 08, 2006 11:02 pm

Alex de la Iglesia's latest comedy is about Rafael, a guy whose plans to be floor manager at a department store are complicated when he accidentally kills his main competitor. The path is clear for him to take over, except for one thing. A witness. A butt ugly witness. A butt ugly witness who happens to be just a wee bit obsessed with him. And when I say butt ugly, I mean it. This isn't one of those movies where they are all the girls are pretty hot, but the girl who is supposed to be ugly, is actually cuter than all of them. No, no. This girl is a dog. Plain and simple. Not surprisingly, this psychotic bitch blackmails him into being partners, lovers and ultimately husband and wife. But Rafael has an unseen ally....the ghost/vision of his former enemy.

This is definitely another winner from Iglesia, but I would say that I like both Dying of Laughter and 800 Bullets better. As good as this one was, it wasn't outrageously funny and I felt like I had seen it before. But fans of this director will certainly want to check it out.
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Post by llapman » Thu Mar 09, 2006 10:06 am

I saw this at last year's Seattle International Film Festival, and just loved it. I love the others as well, but I have to say that Bullets didn't work for me. The best thing about the screening was that Iglasias was there, with his writing partner, and they were hilarious! Broken English and all, they were throwing out great comedy (usually very perverse), answering questions, and posing for pics as well. When I get home i'll try to post mine. You're right though, the main chick in Crimen was nasty!
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