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Post by DylanDog » Mon Mar 13, 2006 1:27 pm

I finally dragged my lazy butt out to Boston to go see this yesterday. I'd heard good things and it has been playing for about a month and a half it seems so I figured it must be worth the trip. It tells the story of a couple who suddenly start receiving anonymous videotapes. The tapes contain footage of the exterior of their home at first, and later off the husbands childhood home, and then lastly an apartment that they are unfamiliar with. Each tape is accompanited by a childish drawing of someone bleeding from the mouth, and then a chicken with it's head cut off. Fear and paranoia beset the family at first and then distrust when it appears the husband knows more than he wants to tell the wife.

I'd say the movie was ok, but left something to be desired for me. Namely, a satisfying conclusion. It's one of those films that sort of just ends without really explaining things. I mean, it seems pretty apparent what was going on, but unless there is alot more than meets the eye, the motivations for everything are pretty lame and really leave you wanting more.
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Post by llapman » Wed Mar 15, 2006 8:17 am

I feel you Brother! I am a HUGE fan of foreign film, and was intrigued by all the positive press this was getting. Then I saw it, and the ending (or lack thereof) ruined the whole experience for me. The certain shoking event that took place in the last half was unexpected, and people in the crowd were shocked, but I need answers dammit! I wouldn't watch it again that's for sure.

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