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Greg the Bunny

Post by Scott » Thu Apr 11, 2002 8:02 pm

Once again, Rupert Murdoch and his cronies at Fox Network has proven they have little knowledge of how to run a network. The latest blunder? Giving Titus the axe and replacing it with Greg the Bunny. I watched the season premiere and though, Jim Henson must be turning in his grave. A cheap rip off of the Muppets and what's worse it isn't even funny. It's quite lame. Titus, IMHO, was oneo f the funniest shows on. And they replace it with this shit? Probably because Titus isn't politically correct and they have to catr to the boy band loving teen crowd with a show that features Seth Green and Eugene Levy. Not to mention how many times has this network rearranged air times? I've lost count myself. And while they're at it, they should sell the L.A. Dodgers. They've done a real nice job screwing up that franchise.

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Post by Latte Thunder » Fri Apr 12, 2002 4:23 am

I don't know is being politically correct is on Fox's agenda. This is the network that brought us such contemporary classics as: Who Wants To Marry a Millionaire, Gluttonbowl, Celebrity Boxing, Temptation Island and a barrage of Worlds Funniest/Scariest "reality" shows. I just think their programming director is either a) a monkey or b) a teenager. They make some really odd decisions over there and they run some of the worst television around. I didn't need to see Greg The Bunny to know that it was going to be lame.

and they cancelled The Tick!
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