Ultra Violent issue #4 Now Available

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Ultra Violent issue #4 Now Available

Post by bruce h » Sun Apr 14, 2002 10:16 am

That's right, bitches, UV4 is out now for ALL of you to spend your hard-earned milk money on. It's a special 64-page double issue with the following goodies:

BACK TO DEAD END STREET: An 18 page exclusive interview with Roger Watkins, the director & star of Last House on Dead End Street. Regardless of whether or not you're a fan of the film, this is hands down one of the most entertaining interviews you will ever read. Watkins discusses the history behind Dead End Street, his career as a porn director and SO much more!

AT THE STROKE OF MIDNIGHT: Legendary French director, Jean Rollin takes a minute to talk with us about his artistic vision.

BEYOND THE LIMITS: Exclusive interview with German director, Olaf Ittenbach. His efforts include the underground splatter flicks, Black Past and Burning Moon, as well as Premutos and his latest film, Legion of the Dead. The obese, chainsaw-wielding maniac from Premutos graces the front cover of this issue, so obviously we think highly of this mindless gore flick.

TREADING THE RAZOR'S EDGE: Genre connoisseur Chas. Balun chats with author Jack Ketchum. Horror's best kept secret is revealed!

CULT CLASSICS: Michael Berryman tells us about the beginning of his career, classic moments on the set of The Hills Have Eyes and his plans for the future.

THRILL ME: Interview with Fred Dekker. The San Francisco based director rants about his original plans for Steve Miner's House, the alternate cuts of his 80's cheese fest Night of the Creeps and much more.

ASTRO ZOMBIES INVADE EARTH: Bill Carter gives us an idea as to what to expect from Ted V. Mikels latest endeavor, Mark of the Astro Zombies.

NEW WAVE NIHILISM: The surreal visions of director Rinse Dream aka Stephen Sayadian.

HORRIFIC VISIONS: Raise your glasses and salute Argento's return!

DVD HOLOCAUST: Amuck, Cat O' Nine Tails, Children of the Corn, Christman Evil, Cremains, Cut Throats Nine, Demon Lust, Funny Games, The Kingdom, Maximum Overdrive, Psycho Beach Party, Schramm and more!

SHOCKING & BIZARRE: Badi, Criminally Insane, Crazy Fat Ethel 2, Doctor Bloodbath, Evil Clutch, I Killed My Family and Went to the Movies, Lucker, Swamp of the Ravens, The Witch Who Came From the Sea and more!

LITERARY WASTELAND: The Dead Walk, Eros in Hell & Psychedelic Decadence

For more info, ordering instructions, and details on back issues check out our website at http://www.uvmagazine.com
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