Zero - When Rednecks Try To Make Art Films

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Zero - When Rednecks Try To Make Art Films

Post by stypees back » Tue Nov 30, 2004 9:32 pm

Has anyone attempted on watching this piece of shit? 142 minutes of an asshole obsessed with porn, masturbating, making a fake woman out of a manniquine, having sex with a manniquin, talking to himself constantly, annoying visuals that literally look like strings of shit, ugly naked chicks, a huge disgusting growth on his arm, dead animal collections, porn magazine cut-outs, cutting the growth out of his arm, watching him eat cake with his mannequin, walking around the woods, looking at a river, images of skulls, bad musical score and more boring shit... Thank God for the fast forward button on the DVD.. I haven't a clue what type of film this is. Don't bother, even if you are curious. BORING!
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