Guild Wars

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Guild Wars

Post by crustypop » Wed May 18, 2005 2:00 pm

Anyone else hooked on this yet? I picked it up this weekend and its faaantastic so far. Its by Blizzards orginal team that did Warcraft and Starcraft and also the lineage 2 and City of Heros games.

The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is so far pretty intuitive. Plus double bonus its free to play no monthly subscrip.
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Post by paradox » Wed May 18, 2005 2:30 pm

i haven't played it yet but i've heard it's the bomb. probably gonna go pick it up this weekend! :D

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Post by Inearthed » Sun Jul 17, 2005 3:15 am

Back to the top..

I'm still playing it off and on. The "campaign" side of the game is okay, kinda drags on and a lot of assholes play the game so it gets frustrating grouping with people that you don't know. Mo/Me right here.


Post by akasha_orsini » Sun Jul 17, 2005 5:55 pm

I was seriously thinking of getting that but didn't know how good it was. Thanx for letting us know. Now I will definitely have to go get it.

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Post by MOT » Sun Jul 17, 2005 11:10 pm

Look out for Wretched skank and Poo crusher :skull:
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