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Trailer dvds

Post by DylanDog » Thu Jan 05, 2006 1:47 pm

Not sure who would care about this, but for the longest time I've wanted a good dvd just chock full of horror trailers. But more than that, I wanted to be able to have them play in SHUFFLE mode. Now, I've only had a few dvd players and those that featured a shuffle option, only worked with music. However, just yesterday I discovered my PS2 can shuffle even the titles on a dvd. So I'm happy about this since it gives me more incentive to now take the time to burn my own trailer dvd. I've got my Something Weird Extra Weird Sampler playing random trailers in the background now. :)

For you dvd player aficionadoes, is this capability unique to the PS2 or is it pretty common?
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Griff [Mola]
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Post by Griff [Mola] » Sat Jan 07, 2006 9:50 pm

Got a DVD burner? I don't see why you couldn't rip your favourite trailers from the discs in your collection and make a compilation out of 'em.

A friend of mine has a 5 disc DVD changer that has a chapter-shuffle function. I made him a bunch of DVDs full of music videos that he fires up on random while having pre-drinks each weekend before he hits the town. He swears by it.

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