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Post by DylanDog » Sun Jan 08, 2006 9:35 pm

Just got done with this one. I'd say it was good as long as you can manage to stomach more Ring and Ju-On style ghosts. In getting the imdb link for my movie viewing list, I checked out the comments section and it amazes me that people are still scared by this sort of thing. But I won't harp on that since this movie at least had a nice story as a foundation. The story kicks off with a couple who run over a girl and decide to leave the scene without helping her. No surprise then that weird things start to happen to them. Peculiarly, the story doesn't really focus on the heinous act of hit and run, but veers off into another direction entirely. The ghost this time around makes her appearances by way of spirit photography as well as the traditional tactics. Investigations are made, secrets uncovered, problem is solved, no wait it's not solved, ok now it's solved, the end. Sarcasm aside, I did enjoy the movie, it's just rather formulaic.

This movie does feature one very peculiar scene. Seemingly out of nowhere, the male lead is in a public restroom, smoking a butt while on the throne. A shadow passes his door on the way to the next stall. Upon finishing, he realizes he's out of TP and asks the person next door. Suddenly a creepy looking female hand reaches under the stall with the roll. Next we see him outside the stall and kicking in the next door to confront the ghost. Turns out it was just a transvestite, but I wanna know if he took the TP from the "ghost" before getting out of the stall?
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Post by Kimberly » Thu Jan 19, 2006 9:17 pm

It was what it was...

It was enjoyable... I was a bit let down after reading loads of great reviews of this film. I've seen better... but it was decent...

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