The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

Post by DrownJay » Fri Jun 16, 2006 12:45 pm

Why does hollywood have the need to ruin one of the best horror movies ever, AGAIN? Now, they gotta do a prequel to show the origins of Leatherface. To show you he experienced something tramautic as a child, and thats the reason he is, the way he is.

The orginal Texas Chainsaw Massacre was all about brutality and ugliness. In the 70's people didnt need to justify brutal and ugly. People didn't question why a bunch of sick Texas rednecks killed people with a chainsaw and ate them. It was a HORROR movie!

This "justifying" angle was also in "The Hills Have Eyes" remake they focused on how the freaks were victims of nuclear testing and that made them they way they were, way more so then the original.


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Post by {DeAdGuY} » Fri Jun 16, 2006 4:38 pm

DrownJay wrote:

You said it :mad:

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Post by Angelica » Fri Jun 16, 2006 4:45 pm

Well, maybe they will take the evil torture route instead of the "daddy didn't love me" direction. If they make his origins fucked up enough it could be worth while.

But, you are correct, they should just leave well enough alone.
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Post by gsfnw » Fri Jun 16, 2006 5:30 pm

Ehhhh. If it means seeing more people get hacked up then I'm all for it.

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Post by I am 138 » Fri Jun 16, 2006 7:27 pm

The origins were already pretty clear. Very ugly boy born into a fucked up family develops affinity for chainsaws.
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Post by steven_millan » Sat Jun 17, 2006 2:58 pm

By the looks of the trailer,it looks like this one will be a pretty rough ride(especially since they returned the dinner table scene,complete with someone who's about to becoem a human buffet,and Leatherface going into action with his very first chainsaw).

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