News, yes, real news for The Braindead!

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News, yes, real news for The Braindead!

Post by Clark Chaos » Sat Nov 03, 2007 6:56 pm

Well, first with the release of the NW Punk Documentary, which we missed out on but it's still there!!!!!

The Braindead will also be featured on a re-release of the classic, NW Hardcore Compilation 1986 on Media Blitz Records. Some bands featured include The Accused, Diddly Squat, Stonecrow, BOT and more.......I spaced because my daughter was talking to me. Damn it! This time it will be on CD, so I am stoked for this one.

Media Blitz will also be putting out a new compilation out that The Braindead will also appear on. Not sure who else but I have heard that some of the bands from the original will be adding songs to the one also.

We are also working on some new songs for a 3rd full length that we hope to release next year. I've started working on new material and it's coming along. This time around I am sticking to one style of writting which is something I have not done before. I'm sticking to a Motorhead/Discharge/Entombed kind of feel to it. More English down beat style Hardcore Rock. But who knows where it will go.

We are also going back to re-mix or just might end up re doing "Born Defiant" all together. Who knows, we'll see what we can do with the recording we have. Along with the stuff we recorded while Richie was in the band, should finally see the day of light also.

So, a lot is going on that wouldn't have if we were still worried about playing live shows. Even though I want to do that bad. ahahahaaaaaaaaa

Who knows, might have to hit the road in support of this next CD. But expect it to be bigger then Red but in league with the quality that Red has.

Good times, good friends and good vibes.
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Post by I am 138 » Sun Nov 25, 2007 2:11 am

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