Happy Halloween to all!

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Remo D
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Happy Halloween to all!

Post by Remo D » Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:12 am

Well, I gotta tell you... if any Halloween has had "Remo D." written all over it, it's gotta be this one--I am so busy that I DON'T EVEN HAVE TIME TO WATCH A MOVIE TODAY. Nor do I even get to take my own son trick-or-treating... his big sister will do the honors as he terrorizes the neighborhood as the Benicio del Toro Wolf Man!

The MANOR is gearing up for its tenth year on the air. After being off stage for six years, I found myself cast in two plays for the Paper Wing Theatre... ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND represented my first (believe it or not) turn as a "horror" character of any stripe (Chester the Cat), and I'm just now winding down my run of REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA in the role of Luigi Largo with shows at 8PM and midnight. And before that, I'm serving at the Haunted Barn (a local charity for the Redwings Horse Sanctuary). Still seeing plenty of movies (have a date with the wife for SAW 3-D tomorrow, if you're wondering why I haven't posted on that one yet). And AMC is premiering THE WALKING DEAD (but I'm going to opt for the on-demand version because I can't stand all the commercials...)!

My friends, I hope Halloween is just as crazy and just as special for you. I'm tuning out all of the loathsome political material flooding the airwaves, and I'm only aware of the World Series peripherally. This year has afforded all sorts of scary goodness--things to go out and put your HANDS on. Things to actually DO. Reasons to actually CELEBRATE.

So please join me in CELEBRATING and let me know what the hell YOU'RE up to. And as always... may your movies be entertaining! May your projects pan out! May you enjoy good health! May you appreciate the company you keep! And as a wise man said to me this very morning... may you never lose track of the fun of it all!


Remo D.

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Chris Slack
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Re: Happy Halloween to all!

Post by Chris Slack » Sun Oct 31, 2010 11:28 am

Thanks Remo! I'm staying home to watch movies with the wife (no set plans except for "The Walking Dead" premiere on AMC) and to give out candy to the kids.

Happy Halloween to all!!!

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Darth Tanner
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Re: Happy Halloween to all!

Post by Darth Tanner » Sun Oct 31, 2010 5:45 pm

Happy halloween for me as well. No movies for me tonight but I've seen enough in the past week or so to make up for it. Instead I'll be watching "Desperate Housewives" (my Sunday night staple and guilty pleasure). I might also check out that "Walking Dead" series. I'm a big fan of zombies and Frank Darabont so I'm curious to see how well the two go together. No candy in the house either, but I have some Pumpkin Ale is the fridge so that will do just fine:)

Hope the rest of you guys have a safe night :cheers:

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