Sylvia Kristel dies at age 60

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Sylvia Kristel dies at age 60

Post by Scott »

Sylvia Kristel, of the Emmanuelle films and Private lessons, has died from complications of cancer at age 60. No surprise as her health has been in steady decline for a number of years now and she suffered a stroke back in June. Very sad to see though.

I have memories as an 80s child hanging out at my best friend's house and staying up late at night to watch Cinemax or "Skinemax" as we called it. I think I saw all the Emmanuelle films and remember Private Lessons, which is still my favorite Kristel film today. I recently picked up a copy of it and showed it to my spouse. Very cheesy and ridiclous by today's standards, but as a 10 year in 1988 old it offered an interesting take on sex in a time when there was no internet.

RIP Sylvia. Say hello to Marilyn Monroe.
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Re: Sylvia Kristel dies at age 60

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Sad news indeed.
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Re: Sylvia Kristel dies at age 60

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And here's even sadder news:

Just found out that longtime Jess Franco co-star and companion Lina Romay died back in February of this year. Don't know how I missed this news when it first happened, but she also died from cancer and was just 57. I never realized she was that young, which means she wasn't even 20 when she first graced cinema with her presence in FEMALE VAMPIRE. So sad.

On a related note, I noticed that EXORCISM and FEMALE VAMPIRE just got released on Blu-Ray here in the states by Redemption in nice special editions. I might have to check those out soon since I haven't seen them in a long time.
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Re: Sylvia Kristel dies at age 60

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RIP :(
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