Uncle Forry turns 85

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Remo D
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Uncle Forry turns 85

Post by Remo D » Tue Nov 20, 2001 7:47 pm

Forrest J. Ackerman, the best friend of horror fans around the world and a man to whom I owe a personal debt that I can never repay, will celebrate his eighty-fifth birthday on Saturday, November 24th.

Please join me in wishing him many happy returns at scifibiz@aol.com and let him know how much he's appreciated.

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Griff [Mola]
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Post by Griff [Mola] » Fri Nov 23, 2001 7:51 am


(Yeah, yeah, so I jumped the gun but its already the 24th in my neck of the woods - so sue me.)


Post by DayGlowAbortion » Sun Nov 25, 2001 12:05 am

This old fart seems to go on living forever.Do you think he sucks the blood of little kids, that visit his museum?