John Morghen interview with Fangoria

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John Morghen interview with Fangoria

Post by Scott » Wed Nov 28, 2001 7:59 pm

Anybody here catch the interview Fangoria did with John (Make Them Die Slowly) Morghen. When they refer to Umberto Lenzi's gut muncher, Morghen goes on to say how he'd never work with Lenzi again and that he thought Lenzi was sick and twisted. Rather interesting.

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Post by I am 138 » Wed Nov 28, 2001 8:02 pm

How old is it?

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Griff [Mola]
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Post by Griff [Mola] » Thu Nov 29, 2001 3:48 am

Yeah, that was a few months back, wasn't it?

Didn't Lenzi and 'Naughty Mike' do the FEROX commentary session together? There didn't seem to be a problem there.

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Post by DylanDog » Thu Nov 29, 2001 12:33 pm

I was drifting in and out of sleep when I listened to that commentary, but it sounded to me like two different commentaries spliced together, a process I hate. It really sounded like Morghen hated the movie too.

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Post by ROBERT » Fri Nov 30, 2001 7:56 am

There did seem to be some animosity present in the running commentary. Implicit and fairly explicit. Morghen apologizes constantly for Cannibal Feroxes animal cruelty. Criticizes Italian directors,in general. The actors,the choice of locations,the effects crew of Ferox,and his own career choices. Blaming his taking these roles on account of two commie/socialist plays he financed bombing. Sounds like a very bitter man, who should know better to me. After all, how many actors are famous for anything they're whole lives?
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