KAKASHI (and the Uzumaki connection)

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KAKASHI (and the Uzumaki connection)

Post by Valgamon » Thu Dec 27, 2001 10:55 am

Just heard about Norio Tsuruta's new film KAKASHI, based on Junji Ito's manga (just like Uzumaki was). Yet another Region 3 NTSC DVD that I'll have to pick up Image

"When her brother, Tsuyoshi, goes missing, Kaoru (Maho Nonami) finds a letter in his apartment from her ex-classmate, Izumi that leads her to Kozukata, a sinister village that has an unhealthy obsession with scarecrows. Stranded in the remote village amid the hostile villagers, Kaoru finds that the scarecrows have a life of their own and that the villagers live side by side with the dead spirits in the scarecrows, led by the evil kakashi spirit of Izumi ......"