If you're in CA

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If you're in CA

Post by I am 138 » Thu Aug 22, 2002 10:15 am

Grindhouse Releasing presents triple-feature 'Blood Frenzy'


Hollywood, CA-Grindhouse Releasing, the new leader in quality exploitation, has announced a wild "Blood Frenzy" of horror films to be shown theatrically on an exclusive triple-bill program. The screenings will take place at the Vine Theater in Hollywood on August 23, beginning at 9:30 p.m.

Director J.P. Simon's "PIECES" (1983) lives down to its reputation as the world's most violent chainsaw-massacre epic as a psycho stalks a college campus collecting body parts with his trusty gardening tool. Grindhouse Releasing will be on hand to videotape the screening for inclusion it its upcoming Deluxe Edition DVD release of "PIECES"

In the notorious slasher film "DON'T GO IN THE HOUSE" (1980), pyromaniac Dan Grimaldi (co-star of "THE SOPRANOS"!!!) lures unsuspecting women back to his home crematorium while playing his disco records "as loud as he wants."

Finally, director Romano Scavolini's "NIGHTMARES IN A DAMAGED BRAIN" (1981) stars Baird Stafford and C.J. Cooke in the story of a perverted sex-killer gone berserk under the influence of experimental drugs.

PLUS -- rare and sleazy exploitation trailers -- including CANNIBAL FEROX, THE SEVERED ARM, SHRIEK OF THE MUTILATED and MORE!!!

All three films will be presented in rare, uncut 35mm prints.

The Vine Theater is located at 6321 Hollywood Boulevard (near Vine), Hollywood. Admission for the event is $8.00. For more information, call the theater at 323-463-6810.
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