Read My Lips (or read the subtitles)

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Read My Lips (or read the subtitles)

Post by Remo D » Sat Sep 07, 2002 3:53 pm

Okay--same deal as WITH A FRIEND LIKE HARRY. Whenever a decent French suspense thriller comes out, we get all the critical accolades, the word "Hitchcockian" in at least one blurb, limited release, and (just wait) word of an upcoming American remake.

We don't have another DIABOLIQUE on our hands here, folks--what we do have is an efficient thriller and nothing more.

The setup--Parolee Paul hooks up with overwhelmed business secretary Carla. She's lonely... but not THAT lonely, as Paul discovers to his chagrin. Ah, but what's this? She's partially deaf and she can... well, see the title. And Paul still owes money from before his recent prison term. And he thinks there's a big deal going on with some of his associates...

...well, there you go. Take it from there, imagine what suspense setpieces you'd put in such a story, and you'll probably find them here. And it's not bad at all--but aren't critics just a bit given to overstatement when it comes to foreign thrillers? The earth has NOT been shattered, my friends. But you should still enjoy this.
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