Happy Birthday You Old Turd!

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Clark Chaos
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Happy Birthday You Old Turd!

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Roscoe is 40!!!!!!!!


Start calling him Ol'WrinkleSack Johnson or something.
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dbl bass drummer
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Happy b-day Rusty Ol'wrinklesack Gonads
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Damn! Happy Birthday Ol' Wrinklesac!!
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All hail Ol'WrinkleSack Johnson! :metal:

Originally Posted by Shitcock Jr
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Evil Red
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Happy birthday, Rusty Ol'WrinkleSack Johnson!!! :cheers:

Much love.
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Happy Birthday kid! See ya Friday!
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Russ T Gonads
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AAaaaaahhhh... I can feel the LOVE! :D

I'll be changing my band name to "Arruga Escroto". HAHAHA, translate that in Google translator.

Thanks everyone!
Arruga Escroto
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