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More "ketchup" mini-reviews as I simply don't have time to keep up with my writing these days...

I was surprised to see THE CIRCLE tank. I thought between Emma Watson and Tom Hanks it would go through the roof. When I saw the trailer for the first time, I took for granted that it was a take on Scientology--I was wrong. Oh, and Beck shows up playing himself in concert, so bang goes that idea. It's actually about Google and the erosion of everyday privacy in the face of ever-improved surveillance technology that sure SEEMS to be a great idea on paper. Hey, who wouldn't want to be able to track down any deadly fugitive in the world... and who wouldn't want to work for a company that would instantly provide for your every need and those of your family? Perhaps people avoided this film because the subject matter cuts too close to home--it certainly isn't because the film fails to entertain or provoke. Watson is solid, and the typical Hanks charm is put to perfect use in this sinister context. However... it was absolutely no fun at all to see Bill Paxton as Watson's severely ailing father in what might have been his last role.

Long-time readers may recall that while I enjoyed GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, I fell short of declaring that it hit the heights that so many people gave it credit for. Well, now that we've gotten over the hurdle of introductions, the second installment really clicks into place and entertains with sparkling, raucous irreverence and breathless pacing throughout. Well... almost throughout. Watch yourself--the great time you spend in this company will ultimately come with a price as virtually everyone gets to re-evaluate their sense of loyalty, friendship and family (I'm not going to spend any time recapping the actual plot as surely this is one that you've already seen or never intend to, right?)... and after a hyper-extended climax, it's also going to be time for a good cry. Hey--I loved the movie overall and respect the place for proper sentiment, but some things DID go on a bit much for me. Fair enough?
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