Old times are old

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Old times are old

Post by AchimbaProphet »

I stopped by to reminisce. This all feels like forever ago. Rock on.
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Re: Old times are old

Post by Adremelech »

It would be awesome if we all got sick of Facebook and started coming here again. This place was much more fun. I miss hanging out here almost daily!
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Re: Old times are old

Post by Chris Slack »

How do I "like" Joe's post? :)
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Re: Old times are old

Post by derek666 »

I miss this place!!! :metalhead
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Re: Old times are old

Post by pimp_randy_mack »

I am all for dumping Facebook
I miss this place
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Re: Old times are old

Post by Blyte666 »

going to seein the braindead tonight

reminded me of the old days

but now i'm sad all the people we have lost


that crazy fucker paul


gonna raise hell in honor of our fallen comrades tonight
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Re: Old times are old

Post by ophidian »

Miss you guys and the good 'ol days. . .

I remember in 2002 when I found this forum and was exposed to some really great local metal bands through this place. It seems like yesterday that I was out (on weeknights too) checking out bands like Tremorcordis, Lyranthe. S2C, Mindshaker, Static Bloom, Shadow Demon, etc, etc - there are just way too many to list. Still remember the Killing Faith show at The Drake in Tacoma on a Friday night with only about 30 people up on the top floor of that place and those guys played like they were in an arena. Another highlight was Power Prog Fest January 2004 at Studio Seven.

Stay metal my brothers!!

:devildoll phidian
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Re: Old times are old

Post by skipp666 »

Back fuckers! :machine:
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