47 Bad Batches Down...

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47 Bad Batches Down...

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I don't feel like reviewing 47 METERS DOWN. In a nutshell, it's a well-made and suspenseful shark/survival thriller... but I understand they changed the ending (probably to fluster anyone who snagged the quickly-recalled DVD release last year--the film was actually made in 2012!) much to the detriment of the project. Still, between this and THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR, I expect director Johannes Roberts to deliver a genuine knockout eventually. Of course, there's still THE STRANGERS 2 for him to get through first...

Despite there being a "Cannibaltown" to go along with "Bartertown," THE BAD BATCH is much closer to THUNDERDOME than FURY ROAD. But without Thunderdome. Or the train chase. Or anything remotely similar. Yet longer. SO much excruciatingly longer. You can tell me that it wasn't intended to be an "action" movie and I will happily concede the point. And then tell you to watch A BOY AND HIS DOG again instead. That movie "got" it. Without boring the hell out of me in the process (isolated good moments notwithstanding). End of review.
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