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Due to excessive hotlinking from other sites and message boards we have been forced to enable additional security on our images. If your web browser is not allowed to transmit "REFERRER" information the images in our photo gallery will display as empty boxes with a red X in the corner.

Try this first: Open whatever "Internet Security" or "Personal Firewall" software you are using. In the "privacy settings" look for anything that mentions "http referrer". Change the settings for that and the images should display. The only "loss of privacy" is that my web site will know that the images are being pulled from my site and not somebody else's.

If that does not help please e-mail us and provide the following information so we can help you to view our site properly:

  • The name and version of your web browser
  • The name and version of your software firewall
  • The brand and model of your router
  • The name of your Internet Service Provider
  • Type of Internet connection (modem, cable, DSL, other)
  • Are you attempting to view this page from work