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Due to an idiotic error on my part I have accidentally deleted all of my horror and film-related links. I apologize to everyone I have exchanged links with in the past. I have attempted to recover as many links as possible through my referral logs but have not been able to find everything. Please contact me at mortado@mortado.com and I'll get your link back up ASAP.

If you want your link added, e-mail me at mortado@shadows.com. Please note that I am not accepting links from sites whose main focus is on current/late 90's teen horror.

I'm not much of a a banner person (except for my "sponsors") so I use text links. If you want to use a banner to link to my site, please use the one below. It might look a bit odd on a light background, but should be nicely transparent on a dark one.

If you want to use a ready made link and banner, feel free to copy the code below and use it in your HTML.

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