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The Beyond Part 2

Joe, the plumber, arrives (6241 bytes) Thank you, Martha (2728 bytes)
Joe, the plumber, comes by the hotel to take care of the water problem in the basement. There seems to be some kind of strange connection between him and Martha (far right) but nothing is made clear in relation to this subject. He heads for the dark and damp basement of the evil hotel.
Joe says goodbye to his eye (4900 bytes) Liza and Emily (6320 bytes)
Joe suffers a little ocular trauma when a claw pops of of the wall down in the basement. Yikes, that's gotta hurt! Liza meets a mysterious blind woman named Emily (right) who fills her in on the history of the hotel and advises her to get out of town while the going is still good.
Tarantulas take a bite (3698 bytes) Gead face of the victim of killer spiders (3767 bytes)
Liza's interior decorator goes to do some research on the hotel when unseen forces knock him to the ground. He is then attacked by vicious killer tarantulas. He wont be working any more.