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The Beyond Part 4

The hospital at night (3519 bytes) John and Liza check out the empty hospital (5300 bytes)
They arrive at the (very dark) hospital to find that it is seemingly void of all life. Very strange...
Zombies grab Liza (6169 bytes) zombies (5960 bytes)
Zombies break through a wall and terrorize poor Liza. John impresses her with his shooting abilities and protects her from the sea of ghouls. We are treated to a lot of cool zombie splatter.
Schmeikel (3806 bytes) Face-off (4926 bytes)
After numerous zombie problems, the two meet up with a zombie that seems to be much deader than the rest of the ghouls we have seen thus far. Will they escape from the hospital with their lives and sanity? You'll just have to score a copy of this masterpiece to find out for yourself.