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The Black Cat, Part Two

Karloff, Lugosi, and Manners
Werdegast explains how Poelzig built his house above the bodies of many men killed in battle before.
Karloff and Jacqueline Wells
Poelzig is very impressed with Joan. He clearly has something in mind for her. What? We don't know... yet.
Werdegast's daughter
Poelzig tells his wife Karyn,  to stay in their room. She thinks her father Vitus is long dead.
Karloff, Lugosi and Lugosi's preserved wife
Werdegast is shown the body of his dead wife, which Poelzig has kep preserved for years.
Lugosi is shaken
Werdegast pulls a gun on Poelzig who is spared when a black cat shows up. Vitus is afraid of cats.
The chess challenge (Karloff and Lugosi)
Vitus confronts Hjalmar and finds that he is not planning on letting Joan go. They wager on a chess game for her.
The local authorities  The local gendarme show up to get the story on the car wreck. They act like buffoons and then leave. Poelzig taks death (Karloff)
Poelzig discusses death to keep the edge in the chess game. It works and he wins the game and Joan.
Werdegast laments the loss (Lugosi)  Knowing that his defeat means that Joan will not be let free, Vitus sits in utter silence.
Alison get;s KO'd  When trying to leave with Joan, Peter is knocked out and imprisoned by one of Poelzig's servants. Karyn and Joan are caught talking  Joan informs Karyn that her father is alive and in the house. Poelzig hears them talking. Big trouble. Karloff ready for the black mass  The Black Mass begins. Joan is to be the sacrifice. Watch the film for the exciting conclusion!