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Equinox- Part 1

We see a huge explosion, then a man gets up and staggers about, recovering from his injuries..

He is shouting for a woman named Susan. We see some legs. Could they be Susan's?

The man runs through the woods for a good two minutes.You can tell he's really freaked out.

He ends up on the highway, where he tries to flag down the first car he sees..

Unfortunately, the car is without a driver and promptly mows him down and leaves him for dead.

A passing motorist comes across David's bleeding body and takes him to the hospital.

One year later- the reporter who originally covered David's story comes for a follow-up.

We join David again, albeit in a sedated state. Why? because he's fresh out of "electrotherapy."

The reporter tries speaking with him, but to no avail. David seems to be focused on one thing only.

He is engrossed with his cross. What is his strange fascination with this symbol?

Orderlies come and take away David's cross. Needless to say, he protests loudly.

We are then played an interview from when David was first admitted. On to the story.

Part 2