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Meet the Feebles Title Graphic

Here are some of the stars of the fabulous Feebles variety hour

Robert the hedgehog
Robert (Wobert?), newest member of the Feebles.
Bletch the walrus
Bletch, Feebles producer and drug dealer.
Heidi the hippo
Heidi the Hippo, the star of the Feebles...
Lucille the dog
Lucille, the lovely apple of Robert's eye...
Trevor the rat
Trevor, general scumbag and dirty rat.
Harry the rabbit
Harry, typical promiscuous male rabbit.
Sigmund the elephant
Sidney, animal trainer and father of some cross-species kids.
Winiard the lizard
Winiard, Knife thrower and heroin addict. Vietnam veteran.
Eye Fly... fly, hehe
Eye Fly, sleazy tabloid journalist.
Cedric the warthog
Cedric, drug dealing Scotsman and poor golfer.
Dennis the anteater
Dennis, panty sniffing peeping tom.
Arthur the worm
Arthur, stage manager and friend to all.
Sebastian the fox The Sodomy stage set Arthur, the director performs his grand stage act "Sodomy". Click on the pics at left to download the song.
(283k Real Audio file)

I realize I didn't present this in the same fashion as usual but there is just so much cool stuff in the movie I don't want to ruin it for you! I hope you have enjoyed this update! If you don't have the latest Player Plus or FREE Player to hear the file you can download it here.

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