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Well this one sure as hell isn't a gore film, well, I guess there is a bit of bloodshed in it *laughs*. I couldn't help myself when I picked up an nice copy of it for three bucks a few weeks ago at a typical "mom and pop" video store. I saw "Phantom of the Paradise" in the theatre three times at age eight playing with "FM" as the co-feature. I watched it several days ago for the first time in at least eight years and was amazed at how cool this movie still is! Great characters, cool heavy (for '74?) tunes, and a fun story derived from "Faust," "The Phantom of the Opera," and "The Picture of Dorian Gray." The major label recording industry to the extreme here! Starring William Finley, Jessica Harper (Dario Argento liked her in this so she ended up in "Suspiria"), Paul Williams (Good songwriter, but mostly annoying here), and Gerrit Graham giving a KILLER performance as the swishy glam rocker Beef. I thought the music was pretty good in this so I've put a few RealAudio files in here that I made from the video. If you don't have their latest Player Plus or FREE Player you can download it here. Cool, have a good day, enjoy the pictorial and listen to some music! See you in a few weeks! ATTENTION Key Video or whoever holds the rights for this film and score: Don't sue me for using your copyrighted materials, if you see this and don't like it just email me and I will remove such copyrighted materials.

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