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I noticed that my Movie Page had no Dario Argento films and thought something had better be done about that. I took all these captures from DVD, so they are worlds better than anything I have previously done with VHS. Tenebre is my personal favorite of all Dario Argento films. It features a cool story, good acting, stylish cinematography (and violence), and a bevy of gorgeous women. I have chosen to focus on the ladies and the violence for this update, so those of you who are used to my usual style might be a little turned off.

Here's some info on the film-

Anthony Franciosa .... Peter Neal
Christian Borromeo .... Gianni Giuliano
Gemma .... Detective Germani
Mirella D'Angelo (I) .... Tilda
Veronica Lario .... Jane McKerrow
Ania Pieroni .... Prostitute
Eva Robins .... Girl on Beac
h Carola Stagnaro .... Detective Altieri
John Steiner (I) .... Cristiano Berti
Lara Wendel .... Maria
John Saxon .... Bullmer
Daria Nicolodi .... Anne Isabella

Also Known As:
Shadow (1982)
Sotto gli occhi dell'assassino (1982)
Tenebrae (1982)
Unsane (1982) (USA)

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