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 This film is available to overseas viewers via REDEMPTION video.  However for us stateside folks this film surfaced on the PRISM ENTERTAINMENT label. Their print is good, which of course makes this film all of the more watchable.  This British film centers on  two femme fatales played by real-life sisters Anne and Vicki Michelle, as new stock for a coven of witches. Now under the guise of a modeling agency, run by a lesbian witch Sybil, the two girls eventually fall under the unique spell of the coven.  Now when you think of these films in terms of witchcraft, you would automatically assume that it is black magic associated with Satanism. However this coven only practices White magic, which makes everyone feel good about themselves.  Sister Anne decides to open up a book on Black magic and use its powers to overtake leader Sybil.  What transpires is that no one has the power to combat the evil influence of Black magic.  Sybil in turn gets done in, and she is overtaken by new ruler Anne.  Her sister decides to not follow her sister's ways into the art of witchcraft.

While this film appears to be more of an erotic film versus a horror film, it does play both angles nicely.  Again the horror element is kept under the rug.  In fact little on screen blood is even seen, much less spilled.  But for those of us who don't mind heaping doses of lovely female nudity, then you are in the right ballpark with this film.  Both sisters shed their clothes at the drop of a hat, and that is not a bad thing since both are extremely beautiful.  My only complaint along these lines is that lesbian
lovely Sybil only disrobes for the ceremonial dances, which are far too brief as far as she is concerned.  Now it is also during these dances that EVERYONE gets naked, so prepare to see some slightly less-proportioned bodies shaking their booty.

All in all this is the kind of kinky 70's fare that is really welcome to play in my VCR as far as I am concerned.  And if you don't believe me, then believe REDEMPTION head Nigel Wingrove when he states that this film is one of his all-time favorites.

-Dave Kosanke