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CAT IN THE BRAIN (1990) 92Min.

Director: Lucio Fulci

Cast: Lucio Fulci

Lucio Fulci returns to the hard core gore movie with his goriest movie ever. Cat In The Brain is mostly a bunch of gore scenes from older movies (mostly Fulci) interspersed between footage of Fulci playing himself as an aging movie director who is haunted by the gory visions which he puts on the screen. There are decapitations galore, five different ones, but all together they are shown a total of eleven times.

The movie starts out with a cute cat hand puppet ripping at Fulci’s brain in close up fashion. Afterwards we follow Fulci through a hard day of work and start to see anxiety overtake him. Slowly he begins to loose his mind, seeing many old movie visions in the process. Fearing for his health he goes to a psychiatrist seeking help, but the psychiatrist is some weird guy who hypnotizes Fulci and goes on a killing spree, framing Lucio in the process. In the end the psychiatrist gets shot and all ends on a happy note with Lucio supposedly chainsawing a girl. Then the girl comes out after a boat comes by and says "Good Take Sir." Highly recommended for the Fulci fan and for all other gorehounds alike. Far and away his goriest movie.

Blood and Guts: A+
Doug Brotherton