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Jeffrey Dahmer: The Secret Life 99min.  1993
Director: David R. Bowen
Cast: Carl Crew, L.P. Brown
FX: Gary Pawlowski, Doug Goodreau

This is an intensely dramatic presentation of the atrocities, which were committed by Wisconsinís cannibal/necrophiliac resident, Jeffrey Dahmer. It is a fictional retelling of the accounts, based on seized evidence and on accounts of those who escaped Dahmerís fury.

Carl Crew is spectacular in the role of Dahmer, re-enacting the role with tons of emotion, drawing the viewer like a magnate in the process. The movie chronologically goes through the murder spree, beginning in 1978 and culminating with his arrest in 1991. Many of the murders follow a similar plot-line with Jeffrey picking up other men at bars and off the street, offering them money to pose nude, taking them home with them, slipping drugs into their drink, and mutilation of the body to hide the evidence. At the end one of his victims escapes and brings the police back to his apartment where they find mutilated body parts in the freezer.

In my opinion, this is the best movie adaptation out of the real life serial killer genre. Much of the violence in this one is off-screen, helping to add to the realism of the movie. It is better this way, for if they made it one slaughterfest after another, one would get real tired and even mad at the exploitation of the true victims. I highly recommend this movie!
NOTE: I am not defending Dahmer in any way in this review. My review is based solely on the movie.

Blood and Guts: C

Doug Brotherton