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Mardi Gras Massacre (1976) 97 min.
Director: Jack Weis
Cast: Curt Dawson, Gwen Arment, Wayne Mack

Whoa, put this one in that pre 80’s slasher pile. This is much better than one would think. It is almost a remake of Lewis’ Blood Feast, except of an Egyptian character, we have an Aztec high priest as the main character. This movie is so inept that it is funny. A strange guy shows up at a bar which is also home to the towns prostitutes. He tells the chicks that he wants the most evil woman in the bar. The head ho points him into the direction of a fat breasted ( . ) ( . ) brunette. She tells him, “I could win first place in any evil contest,” and away they go. The Aztec priest takes her back to his place and makes her strip. He then ties her to a table and begins doing some magical shit with baby oil that makes those nipples rise. (Enter the porno style bass guitar) The man begins to sacrifice here to his god. You gotta love that porno bass!!!!! After hearing of the crime, a police detective who sleeps with a whore and gets all the inside tips from her, becomes involved with trying to catch the murderer. Whoa what an ending. Gotta love this one.

Blood and Guts: C+

Doug Brotherton